Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There's nothing left to talk about...except predictions.

Ok...the roster is set.  The Wrigley Field bathrooms have been renovated.  A number of the ugly concrete panels have been removed.  The Cubs tax was voted down in Mesa...

So all that's left to talk about is where I think teams will finish this year.

I'll make this are my predictions all of baseball in 2010:
(***disclaimer*** This is meant as a joke...please don't spend your child's college fund on anything I say here.)

National League
Place East Central West
1. Phillies Cubs Giants
2. Florida Brewers Rockies
3. Atlanta Cardinals D-Backs
4. Nationals Pirates Padres
5. Mets Reds Dodgers

Wildcard: Florida

NLCS: Cubs-Florida

MVP: Ryan Howard
Cy Young: Roy Halliday
ROY: Stephen Stausburg

I'll admit, I know much much more about the National League than the American League.

The Mets are going to be the worst team in baseball this year. Why? Because they are more messed up in management than any other team. The Phillies continue to be the class of the East. The Marlins will be greatly improved, as their young team continues to mature. In fact, they will clinch the wildcard at home on the last day of the season...unfortunately, it will be in front of about 48 fans.

In the west, divorce problems will plague the Dodgers all season. Manny Ramirez will be fantastic because I drafted him in my fantasy league (right...that's how it works). The Giants pitching will carry them all season, and Mark DeRosa will go to the playoffs for the 4th straight year.

 I'm counting on you, Manny.  Don't let me down.

The Central...the Cubs will beat out the Brewers mainly because the Cubs won't face the Brewers for the last 3 weeks of the season. Milwaukee will use the Doug Davis method to win the season series against the Cubs...Davis will start in all but 2 of the games verses the Cubs. The result will be a 13-2 record for the Brewers against the Cubs this year. The funny part is, the Brewers will only be 11 games over .500 at the end of the season. The Cardinals will struggle after back injuries sideline Pujols for 1/2 the season. After he comes back, he will be suspended for 50 games for using PEDs.

The Cubs will beat the Phillies in the first round of the playoff under the spectacular performance from Carlos Silva who will win games 2 and 5.

The Marlins beat the Giants in a 3 game sweep...the DeRosa curse...every team he plays for gets swept out of the first round of the playoffs.
  Sorry ladies, but this guy is cursed.


American League
Place East Central West
1. Rays Tigers Angels
2. Red Sox Indians Rangers
3. Yankees Royals Mariners
4. Blue Jays Twins A's
5. Orioles White Sox

Wildcard: Red Sox

ALCS: Angels-Rays

MVP: Evan Longoria
Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia
ROY: Wade Davis

I don't know much about the American most of what I put here is wishful thinking. I really wanted to put Seattle in last place, but the A's just look way too bad this year. I'm figuring that the Twins are going to struggle in their new ballpark...they no longer will have air conditioning blowers pushing balls out of the ballpark for them any more.

The Yankees will begin an extended period of being mediocre as Alex Rodriguez's body breaks down, and Derek Jeter begins to act more his age.
 Derek is looking toward retirement.


World Series: Marlins-Rays

Champ: Marlins

So I just liked the idea of having an All-Florida World Series, with the two crappiest stadiums in baseball and playing in front of only 20,000 fans.

The big crowd at game one of the World Series. 

And since the Marlins are a year over due for a title, I figure they will win it all.

There it is...make that call to Vegas and put all you money down on the Marlins.