Friday, March 12, 2010

Now we become typically irrational.

Every year at this time we fans start to become irrational about young players.

"Oh, Josh Vitters is great! Trade Ramirez!"

"Let's dump Theriot. Castro is awesome!"

"Why did we sign Marlon Byrd? Tyler Colvin can play out there instead."


Why are these players doing so well? Because they are beating up on the same players they beat up on in the minor leagues last year. Big deal.

This happens every year.

I don't expect that to be the case with most of the people that read this blog. You all seem to be quite sensible fans. But you will start hearing things like this. Even some reporters will jump on the bandwagon here.

While these players might contribute in the future, this part of spring training isn't as that important for the veteran position players. As the spring goes on we will start seeing the true starters increase their productivity...and they'll do it against much more difficult competition then they are facing right now.

But is it entertaining...and I love to joke about it.


Every year in the middle of March, I shave off my winter fur. Well, yesterday was that day. It's my way of saying that spring is here. So, the time has come for me to change all my avatar pictures to something a little more recent. It also means I'll get carded at my favorite alcohol distributing facilities as I look about 20 years younger than I actually am.  Of course, the last time I had any facial hair during the baseball season, the Cubs made it to the NLCS (2003) maybe this was a bad move...

Maybe not.  


Yesterday's game?

Well, believe it or not, Carlos Silva didn't give up a run in three innings yesterday. Jim Hendry immediately gave Silva a 5 year contract extension that runs through 2016.

Other highlights (or lowlights) from the game yesterday? Well, Castro continued his hot hitting with 2 hits, a walk, scoring 3 runs and driving in 2, with home run in the middle of that. Tyler Colvin had a couple hits as well.

As I mentioned, Carlos Silva didn't allow a run, but he was hit hard and benefited from some good plays in the field by Vitters and Fuld. He did work his way out of some jams as well. It's not much, but it is an improvement. Marmol and Patton pitched well, not giving up a hit in their combined 2 innings. Two other pitchers competing for spots in the bullpen didn't do so well. Jeff Stevens and Esmailin Caridad got lit up in the 8th and 9th innings. Not good. They each gave up 3 runs.

In the end, the Cubs held on to win the game 8-7 raising their Cactus League record to 4-3.


The team splits up, with a group heading up to Las Vegas for the weekend to play the White Sox in a couple of games. The other half of the team will go to the Brewers spring home on the other side of Phoenix.

Gorzelanny will start against the White Sox tonight. The game will start at 9pm CT and can be seen on CSN. I'm not sure if it is Hark and Stone or Len and Bob doing the game...but at least it's on TV. It will also be on the Score with perhaps the worst radio team in baseball. The game against the Brewers will only be available on Gameday audio with the Brewers broadcasters (Uecker?).  That game starts at the normal time of 2pm.

It's finally Friday and the sun has come out for the first time this week.  Yea!