Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I really want Kevin Millar to be better at baseball.

I scratched my head when the Cubs signed Kevin Millar to a minor league deal and invited him to spring training.

Now, with almost 2 weeks of spring training under our belts, I am starting to understand the move a lot more.

We've been hearing the stories. He's funny. He's outgoing.

I found this little story about Millar today...and now I have just really grown to like the guy.

He is the anti-Milton Bradley.

In almost every way...

Including the fact that he isn't very good at baseball.

(and, yes, I'm saying Bradley is a good ball player...blah)

Look, this guy is quite the character. I'd enjoy having him on the team. But the Cubs just don't have any place for him...period.

Ok...let's say, just for kicks and giggles, that Millar could actually hit. First off, where would he play? Even in a backup roll, he isn't much more than a first baseman/DH. Right now the Cubs have Derrek Lee starting at first base, with Xavier Nady to back him up (And Jeff Baker to back up Nady).

Ok...one thing to notice about all 3 of those players...they are all right handed.

Guess who else is a right handed hitter?

That would be Kevin Millar.

Having a right handed first baseman to come off the bench just doesn't make any sense....especially a right handed first baseman that hit only .191 against right handed pitching last season.

Look...it wasn't just one bad season for Millar either...he has had a steady decline over the last 3 seasons. It shouldn't be surprising either...he'll be 38 years old this season. That's what happens to player in their late 30's (if they don't use any not quite legal substances).

Look, the Cubs could use a guy with Millar's type of personality. I'd love it.

But Millar just isn't good enough at baseball anymore to justify putting him on the roster...no matter how nice of a guy he is.