Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Cubs are going to be on TV!!! Let us all rejoice!!!

First a recap from yesterday...

Nothing was on nothing yesterday...the game wasn't available on TV or radio or anywhere except a horribly delayed "live" box score from

The Cubs did win, though, 8-7 pushing their post Milton Bradley record to 2-0.  The record speaks for itself.  The Cubs win two straight divisions before they signed Milton Bradley, and are undefeated since they traded him.  They sucked in between.  It must have been Bradley. 

Much celebrating in Mesa after the walk-off win!

In the Muskat recap, it looks as if Zambrano continued the scoreless streak from likely starters by not giving up any runs (or hits) in his two innings of work.

Then I think Gary Coleman came in and blew the no hitter, but didn't give up any runs either.

Jeff Stevens was bad.  He pitched a scoreless fifth, but got lit up in the 6th, not finishing the inning.  A couple of other guys I've never heard of pitched, and Justin Burg pitched the ninth and gave up a run but earned the win when that Snyder guy doubled in the ninth to drive in the winning run. 

So how did the Cubs do at the plate?  Well, they didn't do much against the only Diamondbacks pitcher worth anything, but the kids did beat up on the the rest of the Arizano minor league pitchers, oh and Aaron Heilman.

Heilman gave up 4 runs in the 5th.  (hehehe!)  The D-Backs are going to love this guy!  Thanks for the prospects, Arizona!

Future Hall-Of-Famer, Stalin Castro, was 2 for 4 with a double.  Future perennial all-star, Tyler Colvin was 2 for 3 with 2 RBI (Carrie says he went 3 for 3 in her recap, the box score says differently).  Future Ron Santo comparee, Josh Vitters, was 2 for 4 scoring a couple runs.  And the last of the notable names, Brett Jackson, moonwalked his way to first two times and tripled.

The last note...Kevin Millar finally started not hitting, going 0 for 2 with a walk.


Cubs vs. the Sox

The battle between the team with a huge, beautiful, publicly financed spring training facility, and the team with a crappy spring training facility and can't get financing for their new facility because some owners after selfish butt-holes.

The Orca (Carlos Silva) is starting today.  I'm figuring the scoreless streak for potential Cubs starters will end today, if you consider Silva a potential starter.

 Silva doesn't pitch well, but he can do flips in the water.

Xavier Nady will be DHing today and Soriano is expected to make his spring debut today and try to earn his job back from Tyler Colvin.

Did I say DH?  Yes I did.  Even though the game is being played in Mesa, the Sox asked to play with a DH, so the Cubs, who are nice and try to help other teams out, agreed.  But God forbid the Sox to do anything to ever help the Cubs out. 

But the best thing about today?  Unlike yesterday, the game is going to be on both WGN radio and TV.