Thursday, March 25, 2010

A crappy source believes Colvin wins a roster spot...Fuld out.

The title of this post says it all...

And if it is true, I think the Cubs are making a big mistake.

Yes, Tyler Colvin has knocked the crap out of the ball this spring. He's been the best offensive player on the team. But the problem is, the Cubs don't need another good offensive outfielder right now. The need a defensive replacement. Sam Fuld is that guy. Sure, he can't hit worth a lick, but I don't care.

Colvin isn't a slouch in the outfield either, but he's no Sam Fuld.

Tyler Colvin...he's no Sam Fuld.

Here is the problem, if you leave Colvin on the team, you will feel obligated to play him...and play him a lot (at least initially). That just isn't going to happen. Soriano makes $18 million this year. Fukudome, $13 million, and you just signed Byrd to a 3 year deal. And then you have Xavier Nady.

It would be better for Colvin to go to Iowa this year, put up unbelievable numbers and then either use him for a trade in July, or trade one of your other outfielders (Nady? Fukudome?) and then bring him up.

Bringing him to the big leagues now will only diminish his value.

Put him at Iowa and let him get 4 at-bats every day. Let him hit 40 homers and drive in 130 with a .330 batting average.

People all around baseball are talking about him right now (just listen to any of the opposing team broadcasts this spring). Talk is good.

Colvin sitting on the bench will result in people not talking about him.

Colvin sitting on the bench will result in him not being considered a top prospect any more.

You keep him in the minor leagues, for now, and he remains, with Starlin Castro, one of the Cubs top prospects.

Sam Fuld will never be more than a utility outfielder. Let him fulfill that role on this team. We need him to fulfill that role on this team.

Anyway, Colvin's spring has been great. The report about him winning that outfield spot is coming from Paul Sullivan, so take that with a grain of whatever. Until someone respectable reports this like Carrie Muskat, Bruce Miles or Bill O'Reilly (yes, he's more respectable than Paul Sullivan), don't consider Colvin to have won that roster spot quite yet.