Thursday, March 11, 2010

At least Silva will give us something to laugh at today.

The Cubs pitched really well for 8 innings yesterday.

Zambrano pitched really crappy for 1 inning yesterday.

That's pretty much it.

Theriot and Castro had a number of hits.

Ramirez drove in the Cubs only run and Xavier Nady got a hit in his first spring at-bat.

After Zambrano gave up 5 runnings in the 3rd, the Cubs trotted out a number of pitchers that all have a good shot at making the staff, Grabow (of course), Cashner, Parisi, Berg, and Gaub. Thomas Diamond also pitched for the Cubs. All of these guys pitched 6 shut out innings.

And the Cubs lost 5-1 against half of the Giants.

That's really all that happened. Yesterday was probably the most boring game of the spring so far.


Well, we get to watch Carlos Silva get torched by the Padres for 3 innings (or as long as he lasts). The only broadcast will be on Padres radio via Gameday audio. The Game starts (as usual) at 2:05 pm CST.


Have I ever told you how much I really really really really want the Cubs to start their own network?

Well I really really really really want them to start their own network. This spring has given me one more reason why.

Since I did order, I've been able to watch random games broadcast for other teams.

Well, the Yankees, who created the YES Network (Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network), have had a majority of their preseason games broadcast on their network.

Wouldn't that be nice to have?

And I think the Cubs could do it better too. That's mainly because the Cubs Network wouldn't employ moronic, tone deaf, high school dropouts to do the play by play for their games.

I'm sympathetic to the tradition of the Cubs playing so many games on WGN and that is free to many people. But times are changing.

I want more games.

I want the Cubs to have control of their own media distribution.

I'm greedy. So sue me.