Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things are getting violent in Mesa

The Sun Times's twitter folk got everyone all excited when they said that Theriot was hit by a fastball in the wrist today during batting practice.

My sources tell me that Don Tom Ricketts ordered a hit.  One of his soldiers was to execute it out, in this case Rafael Dolis, aka Luca Brasi.  Dolis will likely be punished for not finishing the job.  Theriot is going to be fine. 

Theriot ain't no band leader. Yeah, he heard that story.

Why do I joke about this?  Well, this morning on the Score, Mully and Hanley had an interview with Lou Piniella.  Lou said the only way Starlin Castro would make the team is if Ryan Theriot got injured.  Dolis took the hint, I guess.

Carrie Muskat reports that Soriano's knee is feeling good. At least that was what is sounded like he said.  He said that he just needs to trust his knee more.  I wish I could trust it more too. 

If you want to see some good video of some of the drills being run, head over to Boys of Spring. You can get a good look at Starlin Castro and Josh Vitters taking some grounders.  The Cubs need to get Castro on the 40 man roster so the team's #1 prospect doesn't have to go around wearing "67" on the back of his uniform.  Seriously, get this kid a uniform number under 40.  At the end of the video posted yesterday, you also see Greg Maddux looking old and out of shape.

One other fun thing...according to SI, Micah Hoffpauir is the 35th best first baseman in baseball. That's not going to be good enough to make the team, though.