Sunday, February 7, 2010

Off Topic: Who will win the Super Bowl?

I don't know who to root for tonight. I like the Colts. I like the Saints.

They have a couple of good coaches...

This dude...

Or this dude...son of former Bears great running back, Walter Payton.

And they have two good QBs:

This guy

or this guy...named after former Bears running back, Walter Peyton.

The teams?

Should I root for the team the Bears beat to get to the Super Bowl three years ago?

or should I root for the team that beat the Bears in the Super Bowl three years ago?

and great cities:


Or this. 

Well...I'm not sure who I'll cheer for today, but I do know what the final score will be:

Indy 27-New Orleans 23

Enjoy the game!