Friday, February 12, 2010

10 things that I think

Things have been rather quiet over the last week...

So I have just decided to ramble off 10 short things that have been on my mind lately.

1. I am way too optimistic about this season. And it goes against my nature.

2. I am totally stoked about Wrigley Field being renovated. I'm really curious as to what the end result will be.

3. I haven't been to a Cubs regular season night game in quite a while...what's the best thing to do as far as parking?

4. Do you think the Cubs would be willing to hire me as Chief Hospitality Officer? I think I could do that job really well.

5. Is Jim Hendry looking past this season? Long term plans are good, and I'm happy that the Cubs seem to be planning for the long term...but this last statement by Jim Hendry this morning in an interview on the WSCR perplexed me: "We'll try to get the job done in the next couple years."

6. The other teams of the Cactus League can just go to hell. Seriously, guys, don't piss off the Cubs because I'm still fairly sure that the Ricketts family would love to move to Florida.

7. I seriously need to move to a warmer climate in the winter. Some place with no Vancouver.

8. Willie Mays must never die. Period.

9. I hope and pray that Google Buzz ends up being better than Facebook.

10. The New York Mets are a complete mess. And I really hope it stays that way.

Happy Friday everyone! Five more days until we start counting the days until the season opener!!!  Hehe!